Hoopes Vision employee, Lori, loves getting to know our patients and connecting with them during their visits to our office. Recently she discovered an unexpected connection with a patient while checking his vision. Lori is an Ophthalmic Assistant at Hoopes Vision and spends her days performing various vision screenings and preparing our patients to meet with their doctor. When she was handed a chart for a patient with the last name “Rickman”, she was a little surprised. Not an extremely common last name, “Rickman” happens to be her maiden name. During their conversation, Mr. Rickman mentioned that his Grandfather was from a small town in Missouri called “Crane”. This is also where Lori’s Grandfather was from. What are the chances? On his next visit to our office, Mr. Rickman brought Lori a family tree dating back to the 1700’s. Lori was ecstatic to receive this invaluable gift. After looking deeper into this genealogy, the two determined that they are distant cousins that, through different circumstances, both happened to end up in Utah. Lori feels that their chance meeting at Hoopes Vision was fate. We love stories like this that remind us that life is full of fun surprises!


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