Each year since the attack of September 11th, Sandy city has put up a flag field to honor those killed in the attacks and to remember our fallen soldiers. It is a sobering event to see. The flag field is just outside our office and from up here on the fourth floor at Hoopes Vision, you can see the true enormity of the numbers of lives lost. This year while walking around the field we were happy to see one our patients Rebecca Cressman from the FM100 morning show. She is so kind, and we are pleased that she is so happy with her vision. She and her co host Brian Foxx were covering the event and helping to get the word out about the “healing field”. It is great place to come and reflect on the wonderful country that we live in, and the cost to keep it so. These days, with election news and economy scares it is easy to forget that despite some ups and downs, living in the United States of America is still such a blessing for each of us. We hope you get the chance to come down to Sandy and see this and reflect on the price of our freedom. If you have children it is a great place to bring them and teach them about patriotism. And to all the military, police, firefighters, etc. that place your lives on the line to protect us, ”Thank you!”

flag dispayed in Sandy Utah's Healing field

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