Bob Casper, co-host of Real Golf Radio and son of legendary golfer Billy Casper, came in on Tuesday for vision correction surgery. Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr. performed the blade-free IntraLASIK surgery. Bob had previously worn just one contact lens, leaving the other eye uncorrected in order to provide both distance and reading vision. After discussing the options with Dr. Hoopes, it was decided to perform mono-vision LASIK, correcting the distance vision in Bob’s dominant eye and leaving his non-dominant eye uncorrected. At his one-day follow-up appointment Bob was already thrilled with the results. Bob was already seeing 20/20 in the distance and was still able to read fine print. He has already signed up a family member to come in for a free LASIK evaluation. Bob sounds anxious to try his new vision out on the golf course and to see what a difference it makes for his game. Bob was referred to us by his co-host Brian Taylor who also had LASIK surgery at Hoopes Vision last year and is still seeing better than 20/20!

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