The reception area in our surgical center, EyeSurg of Utah, has recently been dedicated and named the “Norma Hoopes Reception Center” in honor of Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Sr.’s mother. Norma Hoopes was an integral part of Dr. Hoopes’ Kansas City practice. Her generosity and sincere love of people brought comfort to many patients. A painting of Mrs. Hoopes, created by a patient friend, now adorns a main wall in EyeSurg of Utah, welcoming everyone who comes through the entrance. The painting is accompanied by two photographs taken at the Kansas City office, illustrating Mrs. Hoopes’ dedication to her son’s practice and the patients they cared for. Completing the display is a plaque written by Dr. Hoopes describing his reason for dedicating this area of our facility to his Mother:
“My mother was an exceptional and caring person. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone and she always had an amazing smile on her face. She loved people and spent most of her life assisting my father in his dental practice. She was his biggest asset in building his practice. People loved her and couldn’t wait to see and visit with her. She remembered their names and events in their lives. After my father passed away, she worked in my eye surgery practice as a “greeter” in my main waiting room. She had a little desk in the corner and would greet people as they walked in the door. She would help them fill out paperwork and serve refreshments and drinks. Years later a competitor would tell me that she was my best advertisement as he would often hear patients talk about my mother and what a wonderful person she was. She transformed my “waiting” room into a “reception” room and made my patients comfortable and happy to be there. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 86 years. It is only fitting that we dedicate our surgery center waiting room to my mother, Norma Rider Hoopes. We hope you will feel welcomed here!”

Norma Hoopes set a high standard of excellence in the way she treated people. This principle has been a guiding factor for Dr. Hoopes throughout the entire process of building his practice into what it is today. Staff members are selected based, not only on their skill level, but on their ability to show this same level of care and respect to our patients and their families. We are honored to dedicate the waiting area of our surgical center to Norma Hoopes, and strive to live up to her legacy.




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