If you have noticed that you are holding the menu a little farther away, or have finally had to break down and buy a pair of dime store readers or even bifocals — you are not alone. Millions are now reaching the magic age of 40 and find their near vision failing. This is a condition that eventually everyone around age 40 to 45 and beyond encounters. According to Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Jr., a fellowship trained corneal surgeon and cataract surgeon, near and intermediate vision result from the action of the focusing muscle in the eye, called the ciliary muscle. This muscle changes the shape and thus the focus of the natural lens. Over time, however, the natural lens becomes larger and harder. This prevents your lens from focusing as it once did and is why you may need glasses or bifocals to read as you get older.  This inability to focus or accommodate is called presbyopia and its earliest symptom is difficulty seeing things up close. With age, your lens will continue to harden, eventually turning cloudy as it becomes a cataract. It is a natural process that occurs in most everyone over 60 years of age. Eventually, cataracts will need to be removed if you want to see better and be able to pass the drivers test. Until recently, there was little one could do for presbyopia other than pick out a nice pair of bifocals or stock New Solutions for Over 40 Vision: Hoopes Vision Surgeons Lead the Way High-tech Lens Implants Offer a Range of Vision — From Near to Far up on reading glasses. Patients replacing the natural lens with a lens implant had to choose between correcting both eyes for sharp distance vision and wearing reading glasses to see anything up close, or to have one eye corrected for distance and the other corrected for near vision (commonly referred to as mono-vision).

Medical researchers have long been eager to create a lens implant that could improve not only distance vision, but also near vision as well. A revolutionary new group of “multifocal” intraocular lenses are fi nally making this a reality by potentially providing patients the freedom of seeing at most distances without glasses. These lenses are surgically implanted in a procedure nearly identical to traditional cataract surgery where the natural crystalline lens is removed and replaced with one of these new hi-tech lenses. FDA approved lenses like ReSTOR®, Re- Zoom™, Tecnis multifocal™ and crystalens® are offering a dramatic advantage for people with presbyopia and cataracts, fi nally creating the possibility of getting rid of glasses and contact lenses all together.

For example, during U.S. clinical trials with the Re- STOR® lens implants:

• 95 percent were so satisfied they would have the procedure again

• 94 percent said they could drive and read the paper without corrective eye wear

• 80 percent of patients reported that they no longer needed glasses or contacts to see at all distances.

Results with Tecnis multifocal ™, ReZoom™ and crystalens ® are similar. Imagine not having to wear any corrective lenses for computer work, reading or to drive! The doctors at Hoopes Vision have been providing this technology to their patients for over 5 years and are among the most experienced implant surgeons in the country.

Candidates for these lenses include anyone who has healthy eyes and is dependent on reading glasses or bifocals. Although these lenses are a breakthrough technology for cataract patients, it is not necessary to wait for cataract surgery to qualify as a candidate for these lenses. There are several types of lenses available, and each works in a slightly different way with certain distinct benefi ts associated with them. It is important when considering these new implants to find a doctor who is familiar with and has had experience with each of them, so the right lens may be chosen for your unique vision and lifestyle. The surgeons at Hoopes Vision have been trained, certified, and have extensive experience using all of the major multifocal lens options available to date.

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