It can be confusing for someone looking into LASIK, trying to compare LASIK centers. Each place you go, will tell you why their laser is best. The truth is, no single laser is going to be the best for everyone. If it were that simple, all doctors would use the same laser. Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, so it makes sense that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, right? That’s why Hoopes Vision has brought together what they believe to be the most comprehensive group of on-site LASIK lasers anywhere in the country featuring 6 of the most advanced LASIK lasers available in the United States today.  Their laser suite is home to the nation’s first purchased Zeiss MEL80™ laser, Utah’s first Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400™, the Bausch & Lomb Technolas®, the Alcon LADARVision®, and the VISX CustomVue™ with Iris Registration (iLASIK®) excimer lasers, as well as the new, safer IntraLase™ FS60 laser (see below) for flap creation. Having multiple lasers on-site, as well as multiple vision correction treatment options, makes it possible for the doctors at Hoopes Vision to choose a surgical plan that optimizes your best vision outcome.  Perhaps you will benefit most from a custom wavefront iLASIK® procedure with the Visx CustomVue™ laser, or maybe a wavefront optimized custom treatment on the newest FDA approved Zeiss MEL80™ laser, combined with the safety of the IntraLase™ laser. Whatever technology you need to achieve the best results, chances are you’ll find it here at Hoopes Vision. Dr. Hoopes remarks, “Having experience with, and instant access to such a wide choice of lasers helps us truly customize each patient’s treatment. We are finding, based on our experience, that the best results are being achieved with the IntraLase™ laser for step one, and a wavefront optimized treatment provided by the newer lasers like Wavelight’s Allegretto Wave™, or Zeiss MEL80™, and we feel very fortunate that we still have the other lasers on-site for the few times we feel they will be of greater benefit.”

To schedule a complimentary LASIK exam, and find out which laser will work best for you, call (801)568-0200.

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