This week our Mother’s Day photo contest winner, Sara Harding, had her LASIK surgery! We enjoyed having the opportunity to visit with her and hear her story and wanted to share it with all of you.

Dr. Hoopes and Sara

While the basis of competition for the contest was the artistic merit of the photo submissions, it’s always personally gratifying to us to be able to do something like this for someone who seems especially deserving. In addition to their five biological children, Sara and her husband Chris have adopted three siblings, originally from Sudan, who were in the foster care system. Sara tells the story of how one of the three kids was being fostered by a neighbor family and became close friends with one of her children. As they got to know him (and began to love him), they learned that he had two other siblings in another foster home. They were heart-broken by the fact that the three would likely be separated permanently. As much as they tried to fight the idea, they felt strongly that they needed to adopt all three!

The Hardings and their very “full house”

Needless to say, this has made for a very busy and hectic life for Sara, as evidenced by the mountain of laundry in her winning photo. Her husband Chris recounts some nights that Sara was so tired that she had to ask him to remove her contact lenses for her! When we asked Sara what she looks forward to the most about not needing contacts and glasses anymore, she said, “Everything!” In addition to her responsibilities with the kids, she’s active at teaching dance, as well as such outdoor activities as hiking, running, and camping. We congratulate Sara, winner of our 2015 Mother’s Day Photo Contest, and wish her all the best in the future. Enjoy your new freedom and great vision!

Sara with gift baskets

Sara and husband Chris


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