We were honored to have our Father’s Day photo contest winner, Chris Doherty, in for his LASIK procedure this morning. He and his wife, Julie, are amazing people and it has truly been a joy getting to know them and their family better.

While we chose our twenty finalists based solely on artistic merit, and the winner was then determined through public vote, we must admit it was especially gratifying to be able to do this for Chris. Because while he is a humble and gracious man who does not relish speaking about his challenges, Chris suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The issues with sensation and motor control that result from MS made eyeglasses difficult and contact lenses impossible for Chris. He believes, and we believe with him, that being free of corrective eyewear will make a significant improvement in his quality of life.

Chris now looks forward to doing more of what helped him win this contest in the first place: going out there and being a great dad to his two girls. For example, he can’t wait to go swimming with them and actually be able to see what he’s doing! He also looks forward to being able to participate in the National MS Society bike ride in Logan later this month – wearing real sunglasses! – as he helps raise awareness and funds for MS research.

Congratulations to Chris Doherty, and thanks to him and the rest of our finalists for sharing their inspiring, amusing, heartwarming dad photos!

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