Over 30 million people worldwide – over 12 million in the United States alone – have achieved great vision through LASIK. People from all occupations and walks of life, from professional athletes, to military and law enforcement personnel, to nurses and schoolteachers, can attest to the improvement in quality of life that comes from being able to see clearly without the hassle of glasses or contacts. We’ve just about lost count of all the doctors, in every conceivable specialty, who have come to Hoopes Vision for laser vision correction. But how about the eye surgeons who actually perform LASIK? How do they feel about their own procedure?

A study published in the September 2015 Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery set out to determine exactly that, polling 250 active, practicing LASIK surgeons. The results showed that these surgeons gave the highest, most unimpeachable endorsement of laser vision correction: the majority of them have had LASIK themselves, and recommended it and performed it for members of their own families. In the study, over 60% of the surgeons themselves had already had refractive surgery, and more than 90% of them recommended refractive surgery for the members of their family.

These are the doctors who are best qualified to evaluate the effectiveness of LASIK, the ones who see first-hand the outcomes of tens of thousands of patients, and based on their observations, these doctors are choosing to have laser refractive surgery performed on themselves and their loved ones. It’s a powerful recommendation, showing that they truly understand that LASIK is safe, effective, life-changing, and saves money when compared to a lifetime of eyeglasses and contacts. It’s worth noting that, of Hoopes Vision’s own staff of nine doctors – four ophthalmologists and five optometrists – seven have had LASIK or PRK themselves, as well as dozens of their family members. They’ve chosen this not only because they understand how safe and effective it is, but because they’ve seen our patients’ great results and how happy it’s made them, and they’ve wanted that in their own personal and professional lives.

If you want to know if having LASIK is worth it, ask an expert. And if that expert happens to be a doctor at Hoopes Vision, the answer is likely to be, “Absolutely! Best thing I ever did.”

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