If it is true that imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Hoopes Vision is honored to have so many colleagues and competitors constantly copying and mimicking our programs and materials. Also, as history attests, we can usually always count on competitors eventually jumping on the LASIK technology bandwagon and finally getting the newer, safer technologies many years after we first obtained them. Also, because our marketing materials and web pages are frequently complemented by Refractive Ad Watch, we are always seeing our practice development ideas duplicated and mimicked.

We recently noticed one local copycat competitor going so far as to completely copy every detail and almost every word of our original See Clearly Guarantee and Assurance Program. Fortunately we copyrighted this program, so they will have to come up with something different. Maybe they can try copying someone else’s program outside the state of Utah and hope those doctors don’t notice. We have also seen large segments of our web page cut and pasted onto other LASIK and cataract doctors web wages across the country. One doctor went so far as to leave our name and address in one of the copied paragraphs!

“It’s sad and pathetic,” Dr. Hoopes remarked, “that some competing practices lack any form of originality or creativity that they have to stoop so low as to steal our ideas, methods, materials, and programs.” Also, one competitor tries to make patients believe that he invented the laser used in LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Hoopes observes, “Sorry to bust your bubble, but IBM invented the laser and New York University refined its’ use to eye surgery. Stating that this doctor was involved in anyway whatsoever with the development of excimer or IntraLase laser technology reminds me of Al Gore claiming to have invented the Internet!”

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